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Имя: Patricia Ann Wells

Стаж преподавательской деятельности: 24 лет

Образование: Bachelor's Degree

Специализация: General English, Business English, Special courses, Exam preparation, English for tourists

Интересы: Travelling, reading, meeting people

О себе: My name is Patricia and I am English.

I am currently living and working in Italy. Teaching has always been the greatest passion of my life. It is so exciting to see how deeply motivated people can improve their knowledge and become more and more aware of their personal skills. I have mainly been teaching to English and Italian students as a professional teacher for all levels and needs. My main focus is pronunciation and the correct use of grammar while improving the confidence a student must acquire in written and spoken English. My main target is to help my students become confident and to manage the language in a very efficient way. I teach all levels from very beginners to advanced, Business English and I prepare students for their most important examinations such as a FCA, TOEFL, and IELTS.

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